Remediating an Incomplete Education

What I want to do is to download and edit movie and music excerpts into web pages where I enter text that discusses them.

This self assigned project is that, after a career that focused on business and mainframe software skills, I now want to address my Humanities illiteracy – an effort I’ve entitled “Remediating an Incomplete Education”. Among the topics are classic movies and music genres.

I thought it might be worthwhile to replace my obsolete web page with the results of my project as it progresses. Capturing literature excerpts and editing them is no problem. And, once I’ve downloaded them to a place where I can edit them, rendering the movie and music excerpts into an HTML5 canvas is not intimidating.


Even though I’ve found sites that offer free movies under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, I have no idea on how to capture those movies where I can edit them. (And, of course, I need the same kind of help for music downloads).

Where is the best place to post this request?

BTW, if this project appeals to you, I’d enjoy your participation.



Have you tried to use a downloader plug-in? Firefox has two of them quite useful and I know that Chrome has them two. And I’m quite sure that other browsers will have them too.

Basically, once installed, the plug-in will detect the video and allow you to copy it to your hard drive

This is one of them

So went to and installed the add-on. I then went out to download a movie (Great Expectations) only to find that Windows Movie Maker cannot handle an .ogg file.

I looked for an ogg editor and find that they all appear to be restricted to audio. I really don’t want to download an ogg editor if it can’t handle the video as well. Should I go ahead anyway?

(Note that I am able to watch the movie on Firefox)

Sounds like you are wading into a copyright nightmare to me, but anyhow, another option would be to use screen capture software (Camtasia etc.). You can capture snippets or the whole lot, and edit the clips in that program.

I would only do this for personal use, though. I would not upload any of that to the web.

You can use Aura Video Editor and I would assume that almost any kind of video editor. Ogg, like AVI, is just a container and what’s important is the codec used for the video itself.

I also think that it is a bit strange that this movies are only in .ogg format because most of the time you provide two or three different formats when you publish a video on the web, if only to ensure that it will render correctly.

There may be various formats, but because he’s downloading it from Firefox, it is only interested in the ogg version? Just a possibility.

Quite true :slight_smile:

i think you may try IDM. It will be helping you to directly download any kind of video or other file format files.

I downloaded Great Expectations from (using the Firefox plug-in). It downloaded as .Great_Expectations_-_Watch_Download_BnWMovies_com.ogg

So should I try a different plugin – say from Chrome?

Actually, the mp4 version can be downloaded directly here:

Just right click > Save as (in Chrome, as Firefox possibly won’t be interested in an mp4).