Relinking or Redirecting a PHP

So last time I had a problem in the $_POST now I fixed it Thanks to you guys. I have a new problem about linking, can you link a php as a Home page? I have made a couple of of html and one php. That php is the one opened and launched when the username or password is right on the login page. I have other htmls like the contact and about us htmls and one button for the home (The PHP) but when i click the home button it goes back to the Login V2 html which has an error message when wrong info is entered. Can’t you link PHPs? Anyone know how to fix this relinking problem?

You should be able to link to a PHP page in an HTML link without any trouble. Hard to imagine but it sounds as if you’re linking to the page that is the destination of your login page, rather than the page that draws it. Can’t say more without seeing some code and the site layout.

This is my Code in my contact us. When I click the home button(home.png) It leads me to go back to the Login V2 (the one with that says wrong password or username). Any other linking of mine of an image works perfectly except the Home button

<title>Contact Us</title>
<body background=contact.jpg>
	<embed src=contactmusic.mp3 autostart=true loop=true width=2 height=0></embed>
	<img src=logo.png>
	<img src=wordlogo.png>
	<a href=ApertureHome.php><img src=home.png></a>
	<a href=about.html><img src=about.png></a>
	<a href=faq.html><img src=help.png></a>
	<a href=contact.html><img src=call.png></a>
	<p align=right><a href=profile.html><img src=prof.gif></a>
	<img src=loginword.png>
	<a href=logout.php><input type=submit value=Logout></a>

So it’s supposed to be opening ApertureHome.php, but instead it’s opening a different page? I don’t see any code that complains about wrong password or username, so I assume that’s elsewhere.

The only thing I can see that’s different there is that all the other destination filenames are all lower case, and this specific one is mixed case. Is it possible that the server is case-sensitive, trying to open ApertureHome.php, can’t find it (perhaps because it’s called “aperturehome.php” or “apertureHome.php” for example) so it’s opening your default home page or redirecting the error in a way you’re not expecting?

I can’t see anything wrong with the specific HTML code you’ve posted there, though I would recommend that you surround your names with quotes to reduce confusion, for example:

        <a href="ApertureHome.php"><img src="home.png"></a>
        <a href="about.html"><img src="about.png"></a>

That might be a personal preference, but if you ever use an image with a space in the filename, quotes will be the difference between working and not.

Does it actually open the ApertureHome.php page (that is, add an echo and a quit() to the front of it to see if it’s getting there) and then go on to somewhere you don’t want it to, or just not open it?