Relevant Social Media Sites

I use Facebook and Friendster to promote my small business, even others are using Facebook to advertise their product and sell them, delivering the items through FedEx or LBC and bank to bank money transfers/payments.

I am using facebook, twitter, stumbleupon but stumbleupon is best site., live journal where some of the sites ive been personally using it:)

For me:

  1. Facebook allows you to interact with other people more thoroughly.
  2. Twitter is for “shortcut” interactions. Just dropping some lines here and there.
  3. Tumblr is somehow what I can consider as fast blogging. I also get a minimal interaction from my followers although I can see their reactions (e.g likes and reblogging)
  4. Google Plus has becoming a hit nowadays. Many “A listed” bloggers are becoming a fan of this too.

As for me, I’m still using 1-3 but I’m planning to check out those social network sites mentioned here. Thanks for the idea guys!

In the past years, I have been using several Social Media Sites. Top of them are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and Tagged…

They have been helpful also in the traffic I need for my sites and generate sales for my business…:shifty:

i use facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace also, and all other like stumbleUpon, digg,,, and, all are good, we have remember website have to be do follow.

Only if you are more interested in search engines than real visitors.

Google+, Likedin, Digg should be added now in your list. I have not yet tried “ and Technorati”. Anyway I think you can try them too - are not bad at all.

I Like facebook. It is a best Social networking site…

However as compelling as backlinks may seem, the benefit of social sites is generally direct exposure and relationships as links get passed within circles. If your goal is backlinks for SEO, social is likely not the best solution for you.

Sorry, if you are looking for good backlinks, you will need to post your question in the SEO Forum. This forum is for discussion of content related to Social Media only.

How can we promote our websites on google + ?

Google + allows you to create “circles” of friends. ex: you can have 10 different circles that apply to different “types of friends”. You can Google+ your site, which is basically the same as “liking” a friends post on fb. (add the Google+ icon to your site if you haven’t already) You can also show that you Google+ this site to whichever circles you wish. The goal here is the same as any other social media, to have your friends check out the site/post/blog/etc and also Google+ the site to help it go viral and gain attention.

We like Facebook, Twitter, digg, Diigo , folkd , and just checked the EmpireAve its great , we also using tumbler and stumblupon .

can some one write the which one is on the top for Google optimization

Facebook seems a favourite. I stopped using it as I do not feel safe in that neighbourhood. I accessed Facebook from Polish server and only use English, yet I was shown Danish ads. How does facebook know I understand Danish. I never told them. They don’t show ads in Gujerati, Hindi, Chinese, Albanian, Arminian, Russian or … Polish. But Danish.

I feel stalked.

mostly Facebook, for sure… sometimes (russian social net) and also


Yes, certainly Google plus is growing as a social media site. Apart from it, facebook, twitter, linkedin, stumble upon are also effective SMM sites to draw both traffic and backlinks.

Sorry, but this thread has run its course and it seems all relevant SSM have been noted.

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