Relevant Social Media Sites

So, I don’t think it’s been asked in a while:

What are the relevant social media sites today?

Obviously Facebook and Twitter, but what about Digg,, Technorati, etc.?

What social media sites do you use personally? Which ones do you have links to on your site? has definitely seen a decline recently, at one point a comment from parent company Yahoo seemed to indicate its demise but that no longer seems to be the case.

Stumbleupon is doing nicely in the social bookmarking site although I don’t use it much.

EmpireAve is a growing, but contested, site given the amount of gamification that takes place.

Tumblr has passed the blogging idea and become somewhat of a network with easy interaction between posters / users.

LinkedIn for b2b of course.

After that you filter out into large, but more niche focused sites. There are a number of significantly growing sites in varrious verticals like fashion and technology. Also lots happening with mobile and the attempt to grow location driven services [foursquare, gowalla, etc].

Only on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so far…was thinking about Digg…not quite sure how to go about using it though? Any tips on what it may be useful for? Would really appreciate it…thanks…

Great post Ted.

I actually have never heard of EmpireAve, I’ll have to look into it. Do you know any niched social media sites for technology/programming (as that’s actually my focus =p)?

Also, is there any place you go to for information on this topic, or is it just a lot of hunting?

What are your thoughts on websites having fan pages or similar for Facebook? Overkill or a necessity?

So, I’m checking out Empire Avenue. It’s pretty cool. I was just thinking today how I wanted to invest in the stock market, but it’s too expensive and very little return if you don’t spend tons of cash. :wink:

There’s a lot of communities but not a lot of networks, if that makes sense. You can however find strong groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and others.

Also, is there any place you go to for information on this topic, or is it just a lot of hunting?

There are lists that tech blogs write up but they change frequently so staying on top of it is really a function of being networked through the tools yourself. Otherwise it’s easy to find yourself enamored by something that’s slowed down. Still, mashable, techcrunch, even quora answers can be great sources for discovering what’s new.

What are your thoughts on websites having fan pages or similar for Facebook? Overkill or a necessity?

Essential for any business that sells too or markets with consumers and hit or miss for b2b depending less on if there is an audience [everyone is on facebook] and more on the desire to engage.

That said, the goal should not be to amass fans or make facebook a destination. Instead it’s about how you can use social to extend your site by pulling engaging tools, personalization and sharing into your site. At a low level this is the like button but it grows from there quickly… What movies do your friends like via the graph api? What do you think of a blog post via facebook comments?

Don’t send traffic off your site, bring social in.

Don’t go in to broadcast. Identify why people would follow you, what they want to see, and what you can deliver. Innovate and focus on the channel as a two way stream and you’ll do well.


there’s certainly a lot of people there for investing but there’s also a visible correlation to influence for those not playing the game.

you can find me at TEDS - not super active but i do like the community posting and q&a features

i am using facebook to drive traffic to my website and continuously post on

I’ve been using 3 SMM whice FB,Twitter and Linkedin and it helps drive traffic to my website

You can try made social media sites like because most of them are dofollow.

I would definetly mention Stumbleupon as well.

I am using Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In but I am more active in Facebook and Twitter. I am using the platform to connect with my friends by sharing the anecdotes, meaning quotes or call for help. I think majority of the social network sites are only to connect and interact with the people.

Companies use the site to update their promotion or make announcement to their customers. These has been a tool for instant announcement.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon – all have their respective uses. Someoverlap, but they can all help drive traffic and raise brand awareness.

I am using StumbleUpon to drive traffic for my site. And also i have created FaceBook fan page and Twitter profile to engage with my direct customers.

Dude, let me tell you something…

Social Media Websites are of two types, they are Social Networking and Social Bookmarking

Both of them are completely different from each other… /snip

And best Social Networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut and now Google + …

Including this I would like to share some more site which are : Facebook, stumbleupon, twitter, myspace.

Any experiences / comments on those sites or others that you’d like to share? Any reason why you picked those four?

I picked up those four because in this time these four sites are more popular than other.

I personally consider these social media websites for my searching content or for my personal blogs and websites. Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg and Delicious. :smiley: These five websites are enough if you have good followers.

I use facebook,digg,stumbleupon,linkedin,tumblr,technorati for my site. But the most important one I use is Delicious,as you can download the bookmarks and 10 very good sites can directly upload those bookmarks and save them.