Relatively new to SEO, some basic questions. Please help


I have created a site for a friend using wordpress. Their business name is “Vintage Estate Wine and Beer” … Problem is when you google that name, their site does not come up. Can someone please help me get their site to #1 when their business name is googled.

We submitted the website info through google local as well. Is there a way we can get their URL to display when it shows up with the little map with a google search? It shows up when you click on the actual listing but not in the search results itself.

Is it possible that since we have the site tied to two URLs is it throwing google for a loop?

Here are the urls

Thanks ahead of time!

Part of the problem may be that you’ve got two different URLs that seem to point to identical sites, but that doesn’t seem to be properly managed, so you’re in danger of suffering from duplicate content - Google might be indexing the sites independently of each other, and splitting any link juice between the two. Yes, you’ve got the canonical link set, but what you should really do is set a 301 redirect so that any hits on* are taken straight to*

I would get a link from the Wikipedia page to the site. I would also go through and double-check that all the ‘portal’ sites on the first page of Google are linking to the same URL - at the moment, you’ve got some linking to one and some to the other. If you get them all to link to vintage-estates, that will send a stronger signal to Google.

You also need to improve the markup on the page. For a start, the main heading and navigation images don’t have appropriate ‘alt’ text, so as far as search engines are concerned, they might as well not exist. That means that what should be the key feature on the page - an <h1> saying “Vintage Estates Wine and Beer” - is just blank. You also need to look at stripping out the CSS into an external file.