Relational vs single big table

sorry if this has been asked before but i am trying to decide how to build our new website (updating from our current one). The point of the website is to return data rather than just pages.

So basically the staff member who puts the information together uses an excel spreadsheet with all of the information in separate rows.

The website currently has numerous tables that all link together, so an update requires the table splitting into the relevant tables.

I’m just evaluating various options and i am wondering what the impact would be to simply have a single mysql table containing all of the info.

We have about 600 records and i don’t see that rising in the near future and even if it did it wouldn’t top more than a couple of thousand records.

would i see a noticeable impact on website speed? cpu useage? etc using a single table

any opinions appreciated


it would make things a lot easier for you,

probably not

Thanks for the reply. Pretty much what i was hoping you’d say :slight_smile:

Obviously not against a full relational setup but it really didn’t seem to make that much sense in this instance.