Related Products and SEO

Hello, I am new to the forum. Really like this site, very helpful.

I recently added cross selling to our website but I noticed that the related products url change somewhat.

For Example:

Product :


Product Featured As A Related Product :


My question is, “Do related products hurt with SEO?” Will there be a problem with the url?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I don’t foresee any problem with this. You’ve got the URL set up correctly as a query, so as long as the main content is the same, Google will know that the &cPath= isn’t changing anything much, and will probably ignore it. If you want to be on the safe side, you could try to get a <link rel=“canonical” href=“”> tag put in the <head> of the page whether or not it is the main page or the related products version. That will tell Google that you would prefer it to use that URL instead of other versions.

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. So it would be alright to leave it as is without having to change the url? We were thinking about having 3 related products per page.

I also took a look at other sites and notice that their related products url differ from the main product url as well . I guess this is normal.