Related Posts Widget

Hey all,

So my client wants to have a related posts widget
to float on their site and customize the color and layout
of it.

Currently he is using AddThis which
has a related post option but it does not have the
option to float on the site.

Does anyone know a more dynamic related post widget? (for Wordpress possibly)
or know if the AddThis widget can be customizable by working
with a developer?

Current “Slider” option on the blog site with AddThis:

but it only shows up when you scroll at the bottom, and client wants it to float
like the social media widget and be able to change the color and layout.

This is how it looks like (bottom right):

Here is a random shot: Is not what you are looking for: div style=“float:right”?

Have you used div float yet? You should be able to put anything in it.

sorry that is not exactly what I was asking. but we found another solution thanks.

What is the solution? I don’t need specifics.

I hard coded the styling instead

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