Reimagining UX experiences in E-Commerce

I’m Shaina. A while ago I started the Market Project as a way to explore how we could use UI/UX design to encourage more storytelling in online craft marketplaces (e.g Etsy, Zazzle, Artfire). I’d like to hear your thoughts on my suggestions and project! I’m always trying to improve so any notes would be greatly appreciated!


Welcome to the forums, @tanshainaa.

I tried to look at the site, but the rapidly-changing images on the first screen made me feel ill. There seems to be no way to dismiss the box or halt the movement, so that was as far as I could get. frown

Animation should almost always be user controlled or very short in duration . Images that continually animate can cause the rest of the page to be more difficult, or for users with very high levels of distractibility, totally inaccessible.

WCAG 2.0 Success Criterion 2.2.2 (Level A) requires that automatically moving, blinking, or scrolling content that lasts longer than 5 seconds can be paused, stopped, or hidden by the user.

See for more information.

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Thanks so much for your feedback @TechnoBear ! I’ll definitely work on those images.

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Hey there @TechnoBear I made the changes as you suggested, would you mind giving it another chance and sharing your thoughts/feedback with me? It would mean the world! Thank you so much!

That’s a big improvement and makes the site easier to use.

I notice this is a Wix site, so I don’t know how much control you have over the layout and design, but I encountered a few issues.

If you are going to use a “sticky” navigation bar - always in view at the top of the screen - you really need to give it an opaque background, otherwise the text gets jumbled in with page text and is very difficult to read / use.

This is a particular issue where the menu appears over the orange background. When the active link becomes orange, it simply disappears.

The site can be navigated using a keyboard (Well done! Sadly, that’s not true of every site.) but it’s an odd experience, as the links do not tab through in a logical order. The main navigation, which I would expect to be first, actually comes last.

I like your choice of colours and the different colour scheme for each section. While I do like white space in a design, I’m not really a fan of large images and headings which necessitate a lot of scrolling to reach actual content. I also don’t like text which fades is as I’m trying to read it. However, these are personal preferences, and judging b the number of sites which do both, I’m in a small minority. smile

Hopefully somebody else will offer another viewpoint.

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