Regular Expression

Seems to be working fine so far, i will keep testing for more combinations and shall update this thread if i encounter an issue

many thanks for your help

Hi there,

It’ll work fine for the conditions we have specified.
It just seemed a little hacky to me, so I wondered if there was a more elegant way of doing it.


Seems fine to me apart from I think (?!0) is redundant now? So:


Oh yeah, good one.
That was there to make sure that the plus was not followed by a zero, which after the latest modification it won’t be anyway.



Yup, that’s much easier to read.


Anything wrong in the following?


No, not really.
You should however be aware that writing \d, is the same as writing [0-9].

means \d is faster than [0-9] ?

Nope, just more concise.

Hi Again

I am using the following regex:


But it does not validate the following two numbers, any idea why?



Your original post says the numbers should be between 11 - 16 chars (length excluding + and 00). These numbers are only 10 chars.