Regular expression: low-caps and must contain a dot


how do I write an expression which checks for low-caps and must contains a dot.

the code below will accept the input with or without a dot… but I want it accept the input only with a least a dot…

$values=array("fooBar", "12345", "foo bar", "", "");

foreach($values as $value) {
    if (!preg_match('/^[a-z0-9.:\\/\\/]+$/', $value))
         echo "Not valid: $value <br>";

//Not valid: fooBar
//Not valid: foo bar 

any ideas?

many thanks,

Stop trying to shorthand your pattern. You want something more complex, your pattern must be more complex.

Try thinking about it this way:
You want 3 parts to your expression.
The parts are: Any number of letter, number, colon, or front slash.
A dot.
Any number of letter, number, colon, front slash, or dot.

Give it another whack.