Regular expression keeps failing

My regular expression keeps failing and not sure what i’m doing wrong, code below:

var get_memberCity = "test";

	let cityRGEX = /^([a-zA-Z]{0, 5})$/;
	let cityResult = cityRGEX.test(get_memberCity);
	if(get_memberCity != "" ) {
		console.log("RegExp test =>: "+ cityResult + "  --- cityREGX -->: "+cityRGEX);			
		if(cityResult) { 
		} else {
			return false;

Well to start with, you have a syntax error because val is not a valid keyword.

If it’s in regard to the repetition count from 0 to 5, you have a space in there that shouldn’t be.

HI Paul,
made correction and removed the space and it worked… thanks…

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