Registered hosting on wrong domain. What to do?

Hi There,

I’m wonder if you can help me please. I have recently registered with godaddy and I couldnt see to get wordpress working but I’ve just realised that i’ve actually bought hosting for which I don’t have registered.

Can you please suggest a solution – do i need to pay for hosting for the correct domain or can you just move the account across for me.

Er, this is a question for GoDaddy, not us—but it seems reasonable to me that they would be willing to make the change. (That’s just a guess, though.)


Looks like there’s a fledgeling WP site at the .com address already. Are you sure you really have an issue?

Hosting account is independent of domain name unless it is for just one domain.

You can always talk to tech support for changing domain. This should not be big issue.