Register wizard control event?

Hi All,

Old Thread i know however this really helped with what i want to do so i thought i would post here to see if anyone could help.

I have a wizard control which i want to add two extra buttons in the start step. So i have done all that and have extended the wizard control as such

Public Class ExtrabuttonWizard
Inherits Wizard
<TemplateInstance(TemplateInstance.Single)> _
Public Overrides Property StartNavigationTemplate() As ITemplate
Return MyBase.StartNavigationTemplate
End Get
Set(ByVal value As ITemplate)
MyBase.StartNavigationTemplate = value
End Set
End Property
Private Const _ExtraCommandName As String = "Extra"
Public ReadOnly Property ExtraCommandName() As String
Return _ExtraCommandName
End Get
End Property
Public Delegate Sub ExtraButtonEventHandler(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As WizardNavigationEventArgs)
Protected Sub OnExtraButtonClick(ByVal e As WizardNavigationEventArgs)
RaiseEvent ExtraButtonClick(Me, e)
End Sub
Public Event ExtraButtonClick As WizardNavigationEventHandler
End Class

All i need to do now i think is to register the the command name so that when the button is clicked the event is fired, how do i go aobut doing that? I am sure it is simple but i just havent had any luck so far.