Regarding PHP Development

I am going to start a travel site with CMS… I am like beginner so please help me how I should start for this?

hmm may need some more info
Regarding PHP Development?
are you looking to custom build your own a cms with php?
or you just looking for a available/established cms that u can use to develop you site with?
like drupal [URL=“”]joomla [URL=“”]wordpress etc etc etc etc

  • If you have time to invest in your education, and desire really valuable skills, then consider diving into Drupal (if you actually want a CMS)
  • If you are looking to build a community which discusses travel, then try MyBB forum (which can also be used as a powerful, user-friendly CMS)

If you, IMO, want to later deeply regret having taken the easy path, then choose Joomla or Wordpress, (unless you want a travel blog, then WP is OK)

Quick Summary:
MyBB is newbie friendly and very powerful.
Joomla is (possibly still) a security nightmare (they may have improved by now)
Drupal usage is (can be) a high-paying career for yourself, if you are able to master the advanced topics.

Have fun :slight_smile: