Regarding Meta Tag

Can any one tell me which one meta tag is better:

The White Horse|Surry Hills Bar|Surry Hills Pub - whitehorsesurryhills


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Your question is too vague. You need to tell us what kind of meta tag you are referring to. A meta tag might refer to content-type, robots, description, keywords, or several other things. Also, you ask which one is better. Better for what?

Are you perhaps asking about a keyword meta tag? If so, and if you are asking which one is better for SEO, then the answer is that it doesn’t make a scrap of difference.

If you are asking about a description meta tag, then both your formats are pretty useless, and neither of them gives a description of the page.

But I won’t try and guess any more. If you want a definite answer, you will need to tell us exactly what you need to know.


Your META Tags do not actually play a role in determining your ranking. This attribute has been ignored by Google’s algorithm for quite some time now.

META Titles and Descriptions are important, but not nearly as important as the content on the page.

If you are asking about the author meta tag then use whichever one of those is the more usual form of your name. If you are asking about the language meta tag then none of the values you have are meaningful.