Regarding blog Alexa rank?how to overcome this?

from 6days my rank in Alexa was continuously increasing from 70,000 to 1,42,000.even i have a good traffic but rank was continuously increasing .i have doubt regarding my blog .Is it expired? or what happen to my blog.please suggest me to overcome this problem.

What do you mean by that? The site is clearly still there, so what do you mean by “expired”?

Is there a reason why your Alexa rank matters to you? If you have good traffic, surely that’s what counts? Alexa metrics are estimated, and therefore unreliable, unless you sign up to one of their paid plans and install their code on your site for more accurate statistics.

check this graph.freom 28th february to 3rd march it was showing blank space(green color bar).in this period only my rank was increased huge?why it hapend?i am not getting exact there any problem in my blog.thats way i asked that question.

I’m trying to explain to you that this is an estimate; it is not accurate information.

So you can either use one of their paid plans to get more accurate statistics, or stop worrying about Alexa and look at more relevant metrics, such as site traffics and SERPs.

That graph is from Google WMT, not Alexa, it shows your average position which does not look bad.
There was recently a sharp dip, but it quickly recovered. Such dips just happen sometimes. Because it recovered as quickly as it came, I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about.

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