Refrigerator Truck and Their Uses?

What are the uses of a truck refrigerator anyone can give answer.Thank you!!

Is this a question related to web development, or actual refrigerator trucks?

[FONT=Georgia]Well there’s an interesting question.

I suppose the regular transport of food would be the most obvious.

How about a render farm on wheels though?

Or maybe you could have a traveling tour of ice sculptures![/FONT]

I thought of horror movies with people trapped or locked in against their will.

  • paperweight
  • lawn ornament
  • family legacy item
  • status symbol
  • tax write-off

@kelvinsystem; Are you there? Until you explain what you’re asking in terms of web development we can’t offer much more than frivulous posts.
BTW, your user name suggests you’re a temperate type of guy.


Whatever the real answer is, I think @Mittineague ; 's are much, much better![/FONT]

Eh, seems a special truck question of an AirCo company: like a webdeveloping company asking “What is html?” :wink:
From his website:

You can’t miss it, it is in the slider with a size of 1.500px × 600px. :slight_smile:
And: “‘Kelvin’ is Channel Partners of THERMOKING for their range of Transport cooling and refrigeration equipment. We have a very large and premium customer base.
Maybe these customers can tell kelvinsystem the answer? :lol:

Oh Yes!! I think in this forum may be electronics fields members or they can be other so i think its not illegal activity.

But what does advertising or promoting a refrigeration truck have to do with web design? Seems like cagy spam to me.

When I’m web designing, I like to eat ice cream. Seems like he’s onto something!

Truck refrigerator is used for control the temperature of truck.

Your opening question asked the “uses”. That question would be better asked in some type of Truck Driver or Food or Chemical Industry etc. forum.

The SitePoint forums’ focus is Web Development.

True, there may be members here that are in Electronics fields. In fact, I have a one year Certificate in Electronics Engineering.

But your question didn’t ask about control systems.

Please clarify exactly what you’re asking about.