I just updated a new navigation on a website, but when I went to look at it the navigation was miss-placed. I was able to easily fix the problem by refreshing the page, but I don’t want recurring visitors to have to do that. What caused this to happen? What is the best way to prevent recurring visitors from not seeing the updated version?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Samuel,

do you have a URL to the site?

Likely it is due to your web browser using a cached version of the stylesheet, or similar.

There are various ways to deal with this, which range from setting cache settings in the headings, through to placing a time-based querystring on the file request itself.

I don’t have the details to hand on the actual techniques involved, but that’s likely to be what you’re facing.

I looked into this and found a solution. Thanks!

I take this statement back. I spoke to soon. I have found several methods to achieve this, but don’t know which one to use.

The site is: “townmove dot com”

Is the problem still persisting? sounds like it should disappear once you have refreshed and overwritten the original cache on your machine.

The problem on my browser was resolved by refreshing it. My only concern is that when a recurring visitor goes to the site they will get the previously cached version, which doesn’t display properly. Some people won’t know that refreshing their browser will solve the issue so I need a way to resfresh their browser for them.


Yes. The style sheet that needed to be reloaded is container.css