Reduce spam score of website

Hello, my name is Ishant and I’m from India. And my website’s spam score is 22%.

How to reduce the spam score of the website?

Before one month ago the score was only 1%. What will do to reduce spam score? And what else should not be done so that the spam link of the website should not increase?

Welcome to the forums, @Kumarishant.

What do you mean by a “Spam score”? What are you using to check this?


I think you can see this using Moz? It shows a spam score alongside the DA and traffic and etc.

@Kumarishant hi! Welcome to the forum. What type of website are we talking about? Is it an e-commerce site, a forum, a blog, or etc?

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Avoid using spam words in your content, use normal words, use proper subject line, avoid HTML errors.
Follow these steps and your spam score will reduce.

I’m curious as to what you mean by this. Surely words are just words, and it’s how they are used, rather than the words themselves, which may create a problem.

Can you explain further?

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first of all, you can remove your high-span backlink and create a high DA backlink and low-span score site. this is the way to reduce your spam score

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Thanks, Ujjal

Avoid using spammy words which are restricted by Google.
Also, the reason your spam score is high could be having backlinks that are spammy or extremely low in DA. If the spam score gets higher on those websites, it will affect you also.

We should avoid getting links from these spammy websites.

You can contact some high DA guest posting websites, and post some articles with your backlinks (if they are allowing this).

What are “spammy words”? Please provide a link to the Google guidelines which explain this, and in what way they are “restricted”.

As I mentioned before, I cannot see that words are “Spammy” in themselves; it is the way in which they are used which determines whether or not content is Spam.

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Not only those words which are used for inappropriate advertisements are called spammy. There could be other conditions also,

All those words which are sensitive and can affect any community can also be considered spammy words.

That sounds to me as if you’re talking about abusive language, which I agree is unacceptable, but it is not what is generally meant by “Spam”.

Again, my point is that the words themselves are not Spammy; it is the manner in which they are used.

There is nothing at all wrong with cricket, football, saris and salwar kameez, home furnishings, or pest control in Riyadh. All these may be the legitimate subject of interesting and informative articles and sites. However, when they are posted inappropriately, such as on a web development forum (sigh rolleyes), then they are Spam, plain and simple.

The words are fine; the manner of their use is not.

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  1. Do the manual link audit or any tools
  2. Choose or find the spam links
  3. Prepare/create the txt file
  4. Submit list to disavow tool

It will take upto 2 weeks time. feel free to ask any Digital marketing Queries


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Spam score of 1-30% are considered as low spam score. Any how to reduce the spam just remove your link that are posted in high spam sites, don’t generate automatic back links for your site and make sure to have relevant content for web 2.0 Links.

The OP hasn’t returned to the topic, so it seems a bit pointless offering any further advice.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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