Redirecting from Paypal with querystring values


I am wondering how you process transaction through Paypal and then redirect to another site with product id’s of the items purchased passed in the query string in the URL.

I am trying to use a Buy Now button and after the transaction has been completed I want to redirect to a php based site which needs the product id.



You should search the paypal site for IPN examples, they’re really good!

One way to do it(it is not the only way I hasten to add) is that you use the return url in the form. The trick is that your return url takes a parameter indicating that it is being visited from the paypal. Then by checking, for example;

if(isset($_GET['action']) && $_GET['action'] == "from_paypal" ){
//here you go to your database and fetch the item number from there
// or you may use the item_number directly. whatever you found convenient

Once you obtained the id, then redirect to the other website with that id in the query string.

I hope that helps