Redirectinf article URLs to URL generated by wordpress permalink


I hope somebody can point me to the right direction.

For example, I have a website which was build may be couple of years back using html/css/php. When i view “articlename1” the url shows as

Now I want to install “Wordpress” in the same domain and transfer all articles. What i understand is using permalink & category the url would be showing something as; the earlier url may be indexed by search engine so for sure anyone click on that would be redirecting page not found page. Instead i want to redierect to the new url or article page.


Not creating another thread as situation is bit different but need is still same.

I thought “Redirection” plugin will work. and it does work within the same domain for which it’s been installed.

My requirement is,

I have a website (say with more than 100 articles and urls for articles appears such as -

now I’m moving the website to wordpress with caregory base with user friendly url (permalink), so the url might look like-

I want -
When a user visit [COLOR=“Red”][/COLOR] is redirected to [COLOR=“SeaGreen”][/COLOR] automatically

(One of the reason is links can be bookmarked and indexed by google and appears on search pages)

Please point me to the right direction.


You are an angel :slight_smile: thank you so much for sharing the information. I guess this should help.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I use a plug-in called Redirection to do something similar.

It works well so far, though it’s only been a month.

Maybe it’ll work for you too.


you can use .htaccess redirect

Thanks for your reply. will this redirect each and every article to their own new url?

I can design and code website but not much knowledge on Web Mastering. I know .htaccess an important file, so before i try my hand could you please give me some more information what exacly to be done with that file. what code needs to add or delete.