Redirect or custome error page?

I deleted few pages in my website because its not relevant our site. Now i want to redirect these pages or put a custom error page. Which is correct and how?

It largely depends on your situation, I’d say.

If you have pages with very similar, relevant content, to which it would make sense to redirect those requests, then go with the redirect.

If not, then an error page explaining the page has been deleted and suggesting other areas of the site to explore would be better.


But some of deleted have external links. now what i do for that?

Are you talking about outgoing links from your deleted pages?

Presumably those links were relevant to the content on those pages. If there is another page on your site where the link would be relevant, then move it there. If it is no longer relevant to your site’s content, then just forget about it.

(And just as a general note, it is better to plan what to do before you delete the pages, rather than trying to pick up the pieces afterwards. )

Just guessing but maybe wants to do what I did. I removed a couple of pages due to combining content to one page instead of multiple pages to make it easier for visitors based on web stats.

The combined page was renamed because no old names applied. The three or four old pages were redirected to the new page incase an external link pointed to an old page.

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I would always redirect if there is an appropriate place to redirect to, both for the benefit of folk following links from other sites, and the benefit of those who may have bookmarked the now defunct page.

The difficulty lies where the content no longer exists.

[quote=“yamunadevi, post:1, topic:200244”]
I deleted few pages in my website because its not relevant our site.
[/quote]That sounds rather as if there is no similar content to redirect to.

In that case, the incoming links will no longer be relevant, so it would be more appropriate for them to end up at a custom error page.

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