Redirect issue i used below code

For Redirect issue i used below code

Redirect 301 /old-url
Redirect 301 /write-for-us-2/

Do you have a question about this?

ya for Redirect issue

And what is the question or issue that you have?

Its not redirecting to correct url

It redirects when I tried it.



How i can view noncahed VIEW as it takes time to get original version

Use cURL on the command line - it doesn’t have cache.

curl -I

-I means do a HEAD request, so you’ll only see the headers, not the actual page.
When the redirect is set up correctly you’ll see something like

HTTP/1.1 301 Move Permanently

There may be more lines, but those don’t matter, the above two matter; if those are there then you’re fine.


Im newbee in this

were do i place this

You don’t place it anywhere.

You asked how to avoid problems of caching. @rpkamp has given you a method to check whether or not your redirects are working which doesn’t use cache. Follow his post, where the instructions are quite clear.

You use the given code on the command line. It will produce several lines of text in response, and you need to look for the two lines shown. If they appear, then you know that your redirect has been set up correctly.

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curl -I

Which version of Windows are you running?

Then you need to install curl first. See

Below which i can click to execute

That seems like you’ve downloaded the source code. You should instead download a binary for windows.

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