Redirect issue - how to identify cause

Hi everyone

I have a site running on shared apache hosting.

it has worked with no problems for about 2 years with no changes to the htaccess file.

Suddenly I am seeing this error a lot in the logs and pages are sometimes failing to load:

“exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use ‘LimitInternalRecursion’ to increase the limit if necessary. Use ‘LogLevel debug’ to get a backtrace”

However the hosting company are not willing to enable debug even for a short time to help me see the issue causing the redirect.

It feels like when the error happens sometimes the error gets cached and only flushing the cache will fix it.

Is there anything else I can do to help pinpoint the issue? I am just guessing really without being able to see the redirects in more detail.

Thank you

It would probably help if you posted your .htaccess file. Are there any particular files that are failing to load?

Hi Gandalf

Thanks for the reply.

With some more cross referencing between the server error and access logs I have potentially found a javascript file that is causing the 500 error, although I can’t work out how its being accessed with the wrong file path - quite odd, as the file path to the js file on the referring html page is correct.

I have deleted some old html files from the server to stop bots indexing them and also made some other small changes and will now monitor the logs.

The odd thing is that the error is not consistent and all pages mainly work. Occasionally one of two pages will fail to load and nothing will happen when you try to browse to them - could the redirect error affect other pages like that? In this instance clearing the cache fixes the error.

I will keep monitoring!




so the access logs are showing me the issue. There are a number of javascript files, that are referenced within the page html like this:

<script src="[js/home.js]"></script>

Pages are at the root of the site and javascript files are all in the js directory which is immediately below the root.

However, the error occurs when a request for the js file is in this format:


The file doesn’t exist at that location, tries to redirect and causes a 500 error. But the files are never referenced like that within the html.

Any ideas what could cause something to request the file incorrectly like that?

Possibly the htaccess then causes the redirect issue but I am interested to know how the request could happen?

A search on IP addresss looks like it is the bingbot that is requesting the files incorrectly which is weird?

Many Thanks,

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