Redesigning Website Frontpage - bland

I figure that my websites frontpage is definitely bland and could use a little livening up.
I plan on switching the background image (orange + black ) to a blurry static image: see link

I am good with photoshop so I can blur my own images. But what do you think?
I also like the way text and pictures are separated into module blocks on this website.
Are they all modules?
How do you determine module sizes?
Im using joomla 2.5 and this is my website. <snip url removed/>
Any opinion/help is greatly appreciated!

Blurry images look great on some sites, not all of them. Also the image counts, you can`t use any image, it has to fit. But generally speaking, i do like hi-q background images, be it blurry or not. And to the second question Yes, Yootheme uses modules, and actually they make some awesome themes.

Thank you webcosmo, is there a chance I could do this with my rockettheme template- panacea.