Redesigning portfolio site

Hello SP,
I’m getting ready to redesign my portfolio site… it’s old, out of date, and needs a facelift. I have an idea about the direction and type of site I want to create and would like to share it here and get some feedback on whether others think it’s a good idea or not.

So this is what I was thinking. Instead of creating a traditional portfolio site using some type of gallery for displaying my projects I was thinking about doing a “blog” type site either using WordPress or Joomla. I thought instead of posting regular blog entries, I would have a new post for each project I’ve worked on over the years (well at least the good ones).

What do you all think of that? Is it good, OK, or a bad idea? Should I keep blog and portfolio separate? I don’t know, in my head it seems to be a good idea but I need a fresh perspective.


There are no rules for this, and creativity should be boundless. All the same, I think it’s better to ask your content what it needs, rather than trying to force content into existing structures. People rarely stop to think about what would best serve the content and make it as easy as possible for visitors to see what they need to see. That’s the real challenge. The focus is more often on doing what everyone else does, whether good or not. Web design is still largely stuck in the rut it got into in the early days, which inevitably grew out of the world of print. I don’t think it’s really escaped that yet.

Thank you Ralph, and I agree. In a way I guess that’s what I was kind of asking, I want my work to speak for itself and limit the amount of content that typically goes with a portfolio/design firm site, like all the “this is what I can do for you” stuff and just have my work right there in full view when you come to the site.

Don’t misunderstanding me, I’m not really asking if that part of it is a good idea because I think it is but I’m wondering if delivering my work in the form of a blog is an easy way for other to view what I want them to see… or do you think people will mistake it as a real blog and misinterpret what the site actually is.

I’d say it’s all in how you present it, TBH. In principle, I don’t see a problem with it.

I think it’s a very good idea to be utilising Wordpress, Joomla or any other content management system for your site since it makes it easier to update, and project pages are guaranteed to look and behave the same since they’re essentially working from a template. Something worth thinking about is how your site is going to look on multiple devices. Again this can be handled by existing themes made by others or indeed a framework set up by yourself.

Responsive Web Design isn’t of course essential but certainly worth thinking about if you are using this new site to find a new job or are looking for work from potential clients since many people are mindful of their site working on various devices even if they aren’t aware of the specific technologies needed for this to be achieved and demonstrating this technology in your own site is sure to bring dividends :slight_smile: