Recruiting CMS

I’m interested in creating a website for recruiting high school football players, and each player would have a profile with stats and videos and pictures and things like that, and I was wondering what type of cms would be best.

I thought that I could possibly use a realestate CMS and just edit it so that the profile of the properties would be the player profiles, but I’m not sure if that is the best way of doing what I want.

Do you guys have any suggestions?


Hey there,
You could use a general shopping cms and just hide the pricing and add to cart etc. Prevent the flow of the site reaching the purchase point. That would be a good solution if you don’t want to custom program one.

Avoid zencart tho, its more awkward to manipulate than it should be, believe me I know because I have been trying to do something similar recently. I am a competent programmer and I actually chose to program my own api and succeeded rather than use such a preconfigured one.

Try Prestashop, its much easier to change the appearance, themes and flow of the site. Use firebug(inspect element) to spot the purchasing parts of the code and then hide them with css display:none or visibility:hidden. You should have exactly what you need, a shop window, where users can examine each player and go into the detailed part without being prompted to add to cart or buy.

Well it sounds to me like you’ll need a CMS that has a strong member management component to it. I spend a great deal of time in Drupal so that would be my tool of choice. It’s not out of the box and it would take a little configuring and some coding to make it happen though. Not a lot but it would require some.

To begin with, I would activate ‘profile’ module in the ‘core - optional’ modules section. That provides you with an interface to customize the user profiles and add fields for more than just username & password. Once you’ve addded all the fields you want, you would need to customize the way user profiles are displayed. Out of the box they just kind of list everything verticaly but if you want to change that you can create a profile template file and decide how you want everything to be organized for display.

For creating a catalog of players, you would probably use the views module to select the fields you want to show and then maybe display them as a grid or something.

Anyway, that’s of the top of my head. Drupal has a reputation of having an advanced learning curve so it might not be the solution for you but it can definitely do what you want.

Thanks for the responses, Im looking into both possibilities now.

No worries,
best of luck to you :wink: