Recreating Credit Suisse WebDesign


Maybe you can help me with the following?

I was wondering if you think it can be possible to easily recreate the design of a few of the Credit Suisse pages:

These pages look strikingly similar to Deutche Bank pages ( or so I think they will not mind:).

I am new to web design and thought what you think of this? Do you think it can be easily done? I think this might be a matter of copying their page and slightly reformatting the styles and removing unnecessary code? Or you think it is better to design this from scratch? I personally adore the simplicity of the layout of credit Suisse pages (eg.

Thank you for your time,


Those designs aren’t difficult to do from scratch, and in my view, it’s always preferable to work with your own code. Their code isn’t as efficient as it could be … which can often build up over time … so better to start with a clean slate, I reckon.

thanks! I wonder if you have seen a template that look close??? coding this design by hand is beyond my ability now((

There are lots of sites that offer templates, but I’m not familiar with them. If you Google templates, you’ll find a lot of free and/or purchasable ones. But if you are at all handy with CSS, you can just look under the hood of those sites you like and look at the CSS they use. (Just right click on a page in Chrome and click Inspect Element.)

Just out of interest, why would you want to re-create a bank’s pages? The only reason I can think of (and this isn’t meant as an accusation) is to perpetrate a phishing scam, so I doubt very much there are (legitimate) templates available to help you do it. :lol:

I need this design very much…not because it is the design of a leading bank or other reason – there are actually quite interesting sites design-wise which are far from the banking sector. I need this design because it perfectly fits into the existing html based static content scheme……

I would happily create this one on my own but I have no skill whatsoever at crafting such designs……you know I browsed hundreds of the expensive and not so templates on the Themeforest and the like and did not see anything with equal simplicity and elegance……

In light of this I was wondering if there is someone who would be generous enough to create one or two pages which wholly emulate the layout of the following pages….

https://www. credit-suisse. com/uk/privatebanking/bank/en/index.jsp


https://www credit-suisse. com/uk/privatebanking/en/index.jsp

Thanks a lot!)


Copying a design can lead to copyright issues especially if you have used any of the code within and don’t have the owners permission. Its fine to get inspiration from other sites and then create your own with your own code but its a little dubious to reverse engineer one.

If you can’t do it yourself then your options are to learn how to do it which is why we are here and we will help you with it as much as we can. However we are not here to give out free templates or code things from scratch as no one learns anything that way.

Your other option is to hire someone to do it for you and you can find someone suitable in the Sitepoint Marketplace or one of the other similar forums.

If you want to learn CSS/Html then we can help with that but you must do some work first and then we can point you in the right direction.

I’m closing the thread now but if you want help to create a layout then make another post once you have actually tried to code something and we will gladly help :slight_smile: