Recreating an existing website

Hi, I’m new to all of this!
I am reading a book and trying to get into the webdesign field.
Learning HTML and CSS ect, self studing.

My problem is I have this website .
I can’t seem to construct it , knowing that I can code it with HTML and CSS.
Can anyone please advise me on it?

I think ,because I am a newbie in structuring and planning ect.
Make the reconstructing stage not clicking!

I will be very greatful for someone to lead me through!

I would say your question is to broad and why do you want to reconstruct it?

Starting a new site I would go to a online css layout generator and start from that. Otherwise install a localhost like xampp then download the site onto your hard drive. You can then play with it to your hearts content.

One thing to note is that it could benefit from an external style sheet rather than having the css embedded on each page.

Then if you get stuck come and ask a specific question.

I’m excited already to try css layout generator !
Thank you so much!

Hi Priya. You want to re-create as practice to learn? It’s not a bad idea, but if you are just starting to learn, I would not recommend a CSS layout generator. I think you should learn how to do CSS by hand first.

You can study the code of that website. Just right-click and select “View Source” or “View Page Source” from the menu. Also, if you use Chrome web browser, you can right-click on anything and select “Inspect Element.”

Hi RobertSF, that’s a great idea…

Thank you!

Word of caution. You’re not going to learn anything helpful from that site. In all respects it is an outdated pile of trash from both a design and technical stand-point.

hmmmm… Are you speaking of the website that I want to re-create as my first project?

Yes, he does.

And as a professional HTML/CSS web developer, I strongly advise you against you basing it off that website as well. It’s very dated, both in code and design.

Not a very good example website to try and learn from.

Thanks Ryan…
What about I take the content and develope it from scratch?
It’s a friend website, they just purchased the domain and did some wordpress markup…
I saw it’s very outdated in both above mention,no doubt…
In my eyes, i also sees it as a challenge for me to put what i’m learning into play!
You guys are professionals, you know what you are saying!
I will be glad to know what you think of my idea?
Thsnk you …

Yes, but try and improve the design if you see pitfalls there.

I’d really advise you against looking at the source code for this, as I don’t want you tainted by the poor code.

Why not find a better website to try and recreate? One that actually uses “proper” code, and one you can sneak peek hints if you need?

Ok, I will take your advice Ryan… Thank you :slight_smile:

@PriyaNarine welcome to web development!

You’ll find a lot of people with many opinions of how to develop for the web.

As a hobbyist/semi-professional, I’d advise you against taking on any projects for real-world publication for a year or so. Why? To give yourself time to really learn and do right by your clients. Even friends who need a pro-bono website are clients.

For learning, you’ll do well to avoid anything more than a couple of years old on the Web. That includes most tutorials.

Sitepoint has some good books for starters on design and development. You’ll do well to go ahead and subscribe to Learnable (note I’m currently an Ambassador, but would recommend it regardless) so you can go through guided tutorials and download ALL of their digital books.

I recommend and for your starters on building static pages / websites.

I would NOT recommend you set up XAMPP. This is an outdated development workflow. When you are ready to start turning out PHP or other server-aware websites you’ll be needing a virtual server or rolling out projects on DigitalOcean (or somebody like them).

Instead, see this article [] to get started with the built-in server likely on your machine.

Tools like CodePen are a great place to tinker with code examples and really test your new skills without working on your machine.

See []

Ultimately, look at this redesign as your graduate school thesis project.

See [] as a broad overview and kind of syllabus.

As you learn about workflow, different tools, server languages, content management systems, frameworks, and command-line tools think and rethink your work. Build it. Scrap it. Rebuild it. Scrap it. Rebuild it. Eventually you’ll have a really worthwhile project you can confidently launch to the Web and a pretty good first portfolio piece.

Great advice Mr.mycritter…
Thank you… Looking in to it…

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