Recovering the <ul>,<ol> formatting from a reset.css

Hey guys:

What’s a good set of css to use for it to get the <li>'s showing up like they used to? or is it better to not reset these?

Well there are several resets out there and most of the time they are just removing the margins and paddings from the ul. Hard to say what your reset is doing without seeing it.

Most of the time resets are just overkill and you wind up setting all your margins/paddings manually after the fact anyways. It puts you right back where you would be had there not been a reset to begin with.

The thing you need to be aware of is that <ul>s and <ol>s have a list indent, applied via left margin on IE and left padding on FF, therefore both these should be controlled.

There are several threads running around here that are dedicated to the pros and cons of resets, a forum search should turn them up.