Record Video With Still Frame Over It

Hello Everyone,

I am working on an application where the user can record there video for 10 seconds. So i stuck at a situation, while recording the video i need to a transparent frame of anything which will embed with video while recording and save to the server with frame.

So final result of video have a Frame and video of user.

Would this be PHP though? The only place I can see PHP being used for this would be once the video is recorded and is being uploaded to the server. Or do you want to have some PHP on the server that overlays the users video onto a transparent frame?

If I’m understanding, this would be a very ambitious project and a lot more than PHP alone. AFAIK, PHP can not “record a video” and that would need to be done with a users OS application.
It might be possible to write JavaScript code that with user permission could access a users camera. But the actual recording would need to happen on the user side, not PHP.
Once created, the file could be uploaded and PHP could deal with it, but I think a lot of this would be JavaScript code.

Or maybe, as droopsnoot asked, all of that is already done and what is wanted is how to put together the DOM and CSS?

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