Recommended TV Series

Howdy web slingers! :wink:

I don’t tend to watch much TV as I’m usually busy on the web, but every so often I catch an episode of something as I walk through the living room and end up enjoying it. One of these was House M.D, the medical drama starring Hugh Laurie. 8 seasons, from 2004 to 2013, so it’s all over with now, but I only discovered it around October and I’ve been watching two episodes daily. Tomorrow are the last two episodes of season 8 and I don’t know what I’m going to do with an extra two hours a day…Plus I may have withdrawal symptoms because it has been my favourite TV series so far!

House of Cards season 2 becomes available all at once on Netflix on 14th February, and I’m looking forward to devouring that season just as quickly as I binged on season 1, but until then, what recommendations do you have for me, and for everyone else who might be looking for something to watch?

I’ve been looking into Mad Men and Grey’s Anatomy, but not sure on either just yet. My brother keeps on trying to get me into Game of Thrones but it just doesn’t sit well with me for some reason, and I’m actually a little scared of watching Breaking Bad from all of the hype it has had just in case I get hooked on that and binge on it through Netflix!

Also, what’s your current TV series addiction? :stuck_out_tongue:

Breaking Bad FTW. I just watched the last episode. It’s a brilliant series, highly entertaining and quite funny, despite the dark theme. Mad Men is absolutely brilliant, too. I can’t wait to see the next series. Other than that, we’ve really been enjoying Boardwalk Empire and even Friday Night Lights. Or, for something a little more melodromatic, Downton Abbey isn’t too bad, though not quite the standard of the US productions.

It all depends on what you like. I prefer 30-minute comedies. It is tough for me to watch something for an hour as I get restless. I like to start the day with a chuckle so if I can get up early enough, I’ll catch Beverly Hillbillies or [URL=“”]I Love Lucy on TV. I’ve been watching the original [URL=“”]Hawaii Five-O regularly for over a month now since I have free time during the day. I’ve been really getting into the [URL=“”]Three Stooges lately. Watching them on the internet does not have the same appeal as watching them on TV. Trouble is that they air at 3 AM Sunday mornings locally and I am almost never awake that late and if I am, I can’t stay up to watch all 2 or 3 hours. [URL=“”]Get Smart and [URL=“”]Car 54 are two shows that air late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and I try to watch them if I am awake. [URL=“”]Malcolm in the Middle and [URL=“”]Scrubs are very good. I also try to watch the [URL=“”]Brady Bunch whenever I can.

Car 54 is hilarious! :lol: It’s a shame that show only ran for 2 seasons.

I don’t really watch modern shows. I don’t care for them. Stuff like CSI and the like are so ridiculous and formulaic I can’t stand to watch them.

Hogan’s Heroes is another favorite of mine. I try to watch it when I can (in 30 minutes!). I have been watching Hogan regularly since 1999 and while I’ve seen every episode they air multiple times, I never get sick of it.

As far as dramas go, I love Hawaii Five-O, Rockford Files, and [URL=“”]Kojak. Kojak is one of the best police detective dramas ever made and it hardly ever gets any mention. It is underrated for sure. And I love [URL=“”]Columbo. I guess I stick to comedies and 1970s detective dramas. I can’t stand one-liner insult shows like Two and a Half Men. I can’t stand shows that have to be crass or rely on gutter humor.

Wow, those are blasts from the past!

I don’t really watch modern shows. I don’t care for them. Stuff like CSI and the like

You don’t know what you been a missin’ … There are much better modern shows that CSI, including those I listed.

I like watching older shows because they did not rely on sex or filth to entertain as most shows these days do. Shows of decades past may not be an accurate reflection of the times (married couples did not sleep in separate beds), but they did reflect society at that point in time to a degree. You get a little snapshot of what life was like before you were born, if not entirely accurate.

When I was a kid and the Little Rascals or Laurel and Hardy was on TV Sunday mornings, my father would say, “most of those people are dead today”. Watching those older shows, I see a lot of character actors who appeared in many shows over the years while never becoming big stars. Maybe they were able to make a living from their acting careers, but those character actors did not get very rich doing it. Character actor [URL=“”]Frank Marth was in tonight’s Hogan’s Heroes. I looked him up before and did so again tonight. [URL=“”]He died 3 days ago. Even though he is gone, he will live on in reruns for years to come.