Recommended software and hardware for web design

Hello, I am interested in a list of software and hardware that are highly recommended by professional web developers and graphic designers.

During college, I have used web editors, Adobe Creative Suite 6, mock-up software and an FTP program to create websites. Currently I am about to apply for a web master job at a local community college and I feel that I might need to expand my toolkit.

Thank you for the suggestions.

Creative Suite is good, just stay away from Dreamweaver. Use SublimeText 3 instead.

The way it’s setup at the college will determine your other tools. You should be using SFTP and not FTP. WinSCP is by far my favorite program for that.


Whatever you say in the interview, don’t say you use Dreamweaver to develop websites. If your not using anything else at this current time, even saying you use notepad is better in my opinion. :wink:


To name the few:

Sublime Text
Instant Update CMS

Aptana Studio is nice for coding and it’s open source.

Those looks ok but putting “mock-up software” or “ftp program” seems silly to me. I would rather replace those with HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP. Another good thing to put is which OS you’re comfortable developing on like Windows/Mac/Linux.

Some Good tools are:

  1. Photoshop
  2. Dreamweaver
  3. Gimp
  4. Notepad ++

Hey guys, thank you for the list.

Now I am interested in tools/equipment that I can use for web development besides a digital camera and printer/scanner.

Finally, for post-production what software or online tools do you use when you are testing the website for accessibility, responsiveness and other issues?

I only use notepad++

Really like that programe, also for css

Me too Notepad++ , Photoshop, Gimp