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Hi All,

As a web developer I use proper coding techniques, minimizing tables, developing to a “Strict” standard of W3C, incorporate CSS to separated content from design, etc. All these are things I/we do to differentiate from the website “hacks” out there.

But most of my potential clients could not care less about the “Internal” structure of their site as long at it “Looks” good. It is hard to communicate the value I/we bring to the table when one can build a parameter based website in 30 minutes or less for $10.00.

So my question is this: How do you promote value in your advertising? What are some good strategies for communicating our value over the “Hacks?”

To some degree, I can promote that sites built to standards are more compatible to browser updates, better SEO, etc. But to the average business owner, unless you can say “I’ll build a web site that will get you on the front page of Google”, they just don’t seem to get it.

Any Ideas?


Hey Rick,

If feasible, maybe provide a case study of why a site that you created has produced better results for a client as opposed to the “fast-food” developers. Companies LOVE testimonials and if you can really dumb it down for them as to why your focus on internal structure means a better quality website, you’ll more than likely have their undivided attention.

“Fear” may work as well. In other words, why a weak website could be detrimental to their business. Usually, touching more on the emotional points of the service will yield a better response from the potential client.

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions. Perhaps your suggestion to use a little fear will work. Ye Ol Concept of “Back up the Hearse and let them smell the roses”.

I do appreciate it - Thanks

“I’ll build a web site that will get you on the front page of Google

You answered it yourself. If you can get a website ranked on the first page of the Google, they’ll throng your way. Otherwise, there are hundreds of web developers that may be doing what you’re doing. So try to break away from the traditions and become creative.

SEO rules!