Recommended Self-education courses to become a web developer

I’d like to learn the skills I need to learn to become a website developer. I have minimal experience at this point. I have several wordpress sites but depend on themes etc to make changes. I’d like to be able to build a website with CSS and HTML (5?), use PHP, add a database to a website, etc. I like the designer stuff too (eg Wordpress Theme development), making the site look nice, but I really want to also be able to get deep into the workings.

Please recommend a course of action, Sitepoint resources and books, websites you’d tell someone like me to take. What do I learn first, then next, and after that etc? I’m a fast learner but I realize this is a 3-5 year learning curve.

Thank you. Rich

Hi Bernnet:),

I am feeling very glad to show you some link where you can learn develop the theme as you want. You just follow the links and learn from here and


@Bernnet There are lots of good books here at SitePoint, and there are great video courses over at These are two good places to start.

Yes, thank you for your response. In my search for self-education I have found Sitepoint and just went crazy buying a lot of the resources on sale during the recent holiday sale. Now I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and, to ask my question more specifically, I was looking for advice on a logical approach. Where do I start? Or do I just jump right in on the merry-go-round and eventually I’ll cover the basics, and then more advanced skills?

I would advise you to learn HTML first, as that is the most fundamental level of the web. Then learn CSS, and then start to get into JavaScript (client-side programming) and PHP (server-side programming).