Recommended photo gallery software?

not sure if this is the right forum but i am wanting to have an online gallery on my clients website that pulls the images from Flickr. The gallery needs to have some flexibilty in terms of size, transition etc and I do not mind paying for the software.

Any recomendations?

There are lots of great JavaScript slideshow scripts out there, like Slimbox, which I expect could be used with Flickr, but I can’t vouch for that. (Dunno if you can grab the urls from Flickr and code them into the Slimbox slideshow, for example).

A very popular Flash-based slideshow (though I think they are moving to JS some time, if they haven’t already) is SlideshowPro. There are lots of discussions online about using this in conjunction with Flickr (via XML etc), such as this one:

Hope that helps a bit. :slight_smile:

What about fancy flash galleries?

I’d second the use of Slideshow Pro. It isn’t expensive and links in to most mainstream photographic tools and services. There is a high degree of customisation and support is good, it has also been around for a long time but is constantly being refined and upgraded.

I would also consider their Director module if you are dealing with a large number of photos that aren’t a part of your Flickr account. If you already have things sorted on Flickr then it will be largely redundant but is particularly useful for supplying optimsed versions of photos to devices.

what configuration of slideshow pro would you recommend for showing images from , say, a flickr account for a clients website? (I do not have flash or lightroom)

I have used Cooliris in the past, simple to set up, free and looks funky.


+1 for slideshowpro and SSP Director hosting.

I did not see this message b4 replying. Check out Director hosting.

You can also install Director on your own server.

I like the hosting personally (you never have to worry about upgrades).

Director lets you upload images via a web interface. If you can afford it, I highly recommend Lightroom for editing. There is a Director plugin that lets you upload to Director.

SSP has several skins to choose from when using the new “embed” option. I personally like the default look and feel. There is also a “standalone” version that can be modified (colors/fonts/yadda) via an xml file.

Oh, and the cool thing about the latest SSP is that it now supports mobile browsing (there is a JS fallback slideshow if an iphone/ipad/droid is viewing).

If you do get Flash, or some AS3/Flash editor, the API is way fun to work with (they also just released docs on a new Director API.)

Good luck!


I’ve used SSP for years and I love that they’re constantly growing and refining their product. I recently went back to a gallery sitting on a website that had been made a year or so ago and updated the fallback option for mobile web in a matter of about 10mins. Full swipe controls and galleries with almost zero effort required. That’s the kind of company I like to support.

They have also recently released the official Wordpress plugin after much beta testing.

Looks like it has Flash alternatives now, which I was waiting to see before considering it. I’d rather avoid Flash altogether.