Recommendations for membership software

Hi guys- I’m looking for membership software that would allow for the following;

  • allow website owner to update information on class schedules,
  • allow for calendar,
  • allow members to download documents,
  • allow for creationg of a school directory for members.

I realize some of these needs may cross over into other types of software so an ideal software that can meet some of these needs is fine with me.

Should be user friendly and developer friendly as well.

You may find that many regular content management systems can do this out of the box, without add-ons. I use ExpressionEngine, which has a handy membership module that allows for member registrations, membership areas etc. where members can go to download things. And it’s a nice, developer-friendly CMS. There are some heavy-duty plugins for more membership features, such as Membrr, but that’s probably more than needed here.

ExpressionEngine will cost you, though, and I’m sure WordPress would have a free alternative to this, as well as other free CMSes like Drupal etc.

Choose a good content management software and integrate with your website. Around 80 to 90% of our requirement is solved my CMS and other 10 to 20% can be achieved my coding.


I have the application that matches 100% to your needs. ( visit for further details ). The product would be integrated with your
website where you/school members/students/parents/teachers can download the documents, view the schedule etc. Please let me know if you need more information on this.