Recommendations for hosting several low traffic sites

Hi, I run my own very low level web development business part time. I have roughly 20 sites, all for small local businesses generally with fairly low traffic, though some of them have a large number of image files and there are occasional spikes in traffic.

I don’t need to provide my customers with any control panel, although I’d like to give them access to webalizer stats (or similar) which I can’t with my current host.

So can anyone recommend a cheap reliable host for me? I’ll owe you a pint :wink:’s reseller hosting has worked well for me for many years. I would go with Google Analytics for client facing stats instead of webalizer.

I would go for a managed VPS - you can have as many sites as you want until you fill it up.

I have one with Future hosting and although they are a US company my servers are in the UK. Just checked and it looks like they have a deal on at the moment.

You can do as much as you want with a managed server.

I would avoid HostGator as they have a terrible reputation and, with your traffic, you have no need for a VPS (IMHO). My read of your “requirements” is that a good reseller account should be the optimum fit as they provide more space than VPS/dedi and more control than a simple shared account (and the cost is closer to shared than VPS).

As for a recommendation, I have two accounts with WebHostingBuzz because I’ve found their hardware, software and support staff to be fantastic. I “bubble over” with profuse accolades for their staff (anyone can buy good hardware and software) but making them dance and getting on and resolving problems ASAP takes a great support team … and WHB is the gold standard.



Probably the best choice is a reseller hosting with a reliable one. Avoid Hostgator if you can, recently I read a lot of bad reviews.
The best thing you can do is select few hosting provider (with a reseller plan) and read real user reviews.

It sounds like you need a high quality reseller plan. Look for a provider who has long term solid experience with reseller services. There are more than a few US providers who offer reseller options in the UK as well. Check on how many accounts they will help you migrate from your current provider. Finally, consider a host that is using CloudLinux and LiteSpeed on its reseller servers because both of these help your overall server performance and resource usage. Your clients will appreciate the fast loading sites.

For low traffic site, you may go with Bluehost, IMH, Hostgator and other shared hosting provider. It will cost you less and add unlimited websites. But if you are planning for long term and increase in visitors in Future, go for VPS or dedicated servers.

It’s been three months and the OP has not returned, so presumably they’ve found a suitable solution.

Thanks to all who replied. Thread closed.