Recommendation for RSS php mysql


I want to create an RSS feed for my site.
I understand the syntax of an XML file and the tags for RSS.
I also know how to read my mysql files, and know when I need to re-generated the RSS.XML file.
All the info in the RSS would be coming from a table in MySql

I can create a string to generate the characters I need to put in the RSS.XML file but I don’t know how to acutually write the file.

This is a very simple site, so do I still need to do RSS Validation ?

I would not be against buying a program (as long as it was not too expensive) if it would save me hours of programming, but I can’t seem to find what I need.
Or I find TOO much info <g> I have been googling this for 24 hours and I am drowning in the info

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be geatly appreciated.


google for mysql2rss or mysql to rss
if not i have seen lots of php classes
get it from there…

normally rss created from standard scripts are validated…(means made to validate)