Recommendation for best article site to submit

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out which article directory is the best to submit articles to. I have read over and over that ezine is the best.

I’m wondering how we are to make money on submitting to ezine without any ads being placed within our articles. I have articles up at several different sites but they all have ads and options to put your own ads, such as Amazon.

I’m pretty new to all of this and I’m just trying to figure out how to make money??


Ok, I got that but now…you say I’m getting a link to send people to ‘my’ site…what if I’m promoting someone’s ebook…then I’m actually sending people to ‘their’ site with my affiliate link, right?

I saw an article on ezine, at the bottom they had a link that in the end was for a clickbank product…it happens to be the same product I’m marketing for…but when I was putting my link together, it wouldn’t take it cause it has ‘clickbank’ in it.

I was trying to make it so my title, say, Strip the Fat, was in blue and a clickable link. To get that, I have to use clickbank’s link but put, Strip the Fat, between the hash marks where the big ugly link says ‘click here’
It wouldn’t accept it because of the clickbank link…

I can’t figure out how that other person was able to do it???

Is it possible to go thru tiny url or and shorten the link, then somehow manipulating it so ezine accepts it??


Putting an affiliate link is not allowed at Ezine articles. What you can do, is to direct them to your own site first, and from your site, direct them to the product that you are promoting. I would highly advice though, if you want to build a real and long-term business, focus on building your list instead of making money being an affiliate using your articles. It’s so hard to sustain a level of income that you want if you just always promote a product from your articles. People don’t trust you, yet… So it’s very rare that people will buy the product that you promote on their first visit to the site.

What you can do is to create a squeeze page. Now, submit as many articles as you can from many article directories and link all them to your squeeze page. It really works for me. Once you get subscribers, build relationship with them, continue provide them valuable content, and that’s where you gonna promote a product from Clickbank if you want to. At least by doing that, you can contact them over and over again. But don’t make too many offers in your email, as they will unsubscribe if all you are doing is selling. Give more and sell less, that’s how you build a long-lasting relationship.

Take a look at this article, you will see that the link directs to a squeeze page:

The good thing about it is, you set that up once, and it will continue to drive traffic and build list for you for years to come. Now, imagine you have hundreds or thousands of articles all over the net that drives traffic and builds list for you passively.

Hope this helps

hope this will help :slight_smile:

came across this site recently not bad if you have a fresh blog that you just started

Hi Dawn:

The popular thing to do is to submit your article to top article directories, but is that the most effective way to promote your article? In my opinion, no. Here’s why: When you submit your article to article directories, chances are your article will get buried among the thousands of other article submissions.

Instead, why not choose one or two quality publications that you would like to be featured in, then focus on developing a relationship with those publications?"

That’s exactly the method I use, and I can tell you from first-hand experience, it’s extremely effective. I’ve established a relationship with a couple of select authority sites like SiteProNews and PromotionWorld, and I submit my articles to them exclusively.

If you want to have some control over where your articles are published, I advise you to do likewise. Just a suggestion.

David Jackson

No. You need to have your own site. Even if you are promoting other people’s product you need to have your own website. Then in your own website, that is where you need to put some content with your clickbank affiliate link embedded there.

So when you write an article on, you’d instead put the link of your OWN website rather than the direct affiliate link.

A good example is this article:!&id=937805 look at the signature box, you will see that the link is on a blogspot blog right? Then upon clicking the link, you will see in the site that there are those affiliate links…

In short, direct aff.links are not allowed, you have to make your OWN site, put your there and from eZine, direct people to your OWN site… and are so far two of the best article submitting sites there is, you just have to abide by their rules.

articlebase ranks the best for articles

I suggest trying free web directories like is the best article directory for traffic and links building. You can make money by first creating a site that promotes a particular product / service then write an article and directs to it.

I found article directories overrated… The best thing to do if you are planning for a long-term business is to create hundreds of wordpress blogs, interlink them and when they got PR3, make tham as your own personal directories…

I have 120 old autoblogs with PR 1 to 5 and instead of submitting my articles to directories, I just rewrite these articles and post it into these blogs… I have the best link juice for I am embedding links inside posts… and selling blog reviews and links is another source…

from my point, is the best.

Because now people use WB robot for auto post and they grab the article from that site.

Also, it allows you to add your link in your article, Just put your article there and get thousand of backlinks has some good websites and tools neatly listed for us internet marketers from where i will suggest

Thank you.

Ezine and other top article directories have a source box, sometimes called “about the author” among other things. This source box located at the bottom of the article is the place where you can place your Ad or site link. The Ad should not be a straightforward Ad but rather an informational box with the link to your site in it.