Recommend well designed Non-profit websites

I will be working on a redesign and development of a major non-profit site and I’m trying to do research on successful non-profit websites out there. The critical issues I want to see and compare is how they implement their call-to-actions, engagement and donations. If you can think of any appealing site you’ve seen, let me know


Do you mean non-profit as in a charity site looking to inform about their cause and canvas for support/action/donations?

If so, I’d suggest you take a look at Oxfam GB | Leading UK charity fighting global poverty or [url=]British Heart Foundation - Home - both of them have loads going on on the home page, but the navigation is clear, the headings are clear and their colour schemes are bright and colourful without being garish.



You may also see Rotary and Malinda Gates foundation websites [url=]The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation