Recommend Me Some Tutorials

Friends, Mates, Buddies & Pals,

I don’t want to google or youtube because there’s a lot of bad tutorials rampaging the net.
And so, how-about you recommending me some text & video tutorials on:


I really need to learn password hashing. Encrypting & decrypting.
And web scraping.


Where did you learn these subjects from ? What is your source ?
I can checkout your recommendations after I wake-up and so take your time searching for the right ones to recommend to me. No rush. :wink:
And, most of all: THANKS!


I rely heavily on the PHP documentation, my localhost server, my text editor, and my browsers.

I read the docs, write the code, test the code, tweak the code, read more docs, tweak the code some more, test again. ad infinitum

In other words, hands-on experience.


Mmm. I reckon you’re learning things the hard way if you’re a beginner and start learning a topic from manual instead of a third party site that runs real tutorials for beginners. That is not really a tutorial site but a reference guide but I guess that is enough for you since you’re not a beginner like me.
Thanks for disclosing how you do things that best suits your interest.

PS - If you ever come across a good link for a beginner like me then drop this thread a line.

Thanks! is a great site that explain all, just need to think a bit :smiley:

I tried learning from that but that is not a proper tutorial for beginners. It is more of a reference guide for intermediate or advanced programmers. Also, other programmers have advised me against it. They suggest and
Currently, I’m using the former.
Originally, I learnt a little php from

Start from php basics:


Set up your own project and work on it, that is the most efficient way to learn.

Then learn from php manual.

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Thanks. I subscribed to this fellow few wks ago.

Try a YouTube search for “David J Malan” lectures.

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Thanks. You are my favourite now.
This thread’s original post was meant for some day in the past. Saying all this, I was gonna youtube again for tonight and was about to wonder what to watch but you saved the night! You’re an angel!

Do you mind doing a search for all my threads and giving your inputs ?

Thank You!

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