Recommend me a fast, reliable, cheap hosting!


Can someone recommend me a fast and reliable, also functional web hosting company. And it should be cheap, like below 7$ monthly if possible. Im using hostgator, bought a hosting for $0.01 and now they have billed me $10 for last month. No thanks! Im leaving

There are hundreds of companies that will offer ‘cheap’ hosting, but there is a lot of you get what you pay for.

Depending on what you are looking to host, will vary what providers you will be able to use - PHP, mysql, perl, node, simple HTML ?


You really need to be more specific than that, no host will offer you EVERYTHING :slight_smile:

I ran across this really good break down on hosting here on Sitepoint. Anyone can recommend a hosting provider name but a little research into what you really want and need to have your site hosted well can keep you from having to move hosts. Take a look into the article here and decide what you really need technology and plan wise.

In this world you can have:

[] Fast
] Cheap
[*] Good

But must only choose TWO.

As @TimIgoe; pointed out, you get what you pay for. That is part of the overall Balance of the Universe.
There is no Free-Lunch.

There are lots of hosting companies. Check out Qhoster they offer $1.95 per month hosting.

To paraphrase ParkinT’s reply
Fast - Reliable - Cheap, Pick two

It is a sad fact that you can NOT have everything.
Because this thread has proven to be too tempting for promotions rather than recommendations

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