Recommend an e-commerce solution that displays inventory

Hello, I wish to set up an e-commerce site, using WordPress, where people can purchase shares in small businesses in emerging markets.

A similar site would be but my site would be much simpler.

The companies (products) would have a finite number of shares to sell (say 100) at a certain price (say $100) (all prices in $US).

So, which CMS/plug-in would be best to display the scarcity or number of shares available like the inventory number. So that if 60 shares were bought, the company would display that they only had 40 left.

Preferably I would like this information displayed as a bar chart.

I don’t have to use WordPress but I would prefer it.

You’re unlikely to find an ‘off the shelf’ plugin for Wordpress that does this. Most of the sites you see online with similar functionality are custom written from the ground up.

Thank you, opal, I am sure you’re right! We’ll probably ditch this plan and try for something else.

Hi Rob,

Are you looking to build the same bidding down system like the myc4 site, where you offer an interest rate you are prepared to lend at then if someone offers less your interest rate drops down to a minium amount, a bit like a reverse ebay bid!

Or are you just looking to offer a limited fixed quantity of shares per company, at a set price that someone may purchase before the quantity of available shares goes to 0 and no more shares in that company may be purchased? If it is this one, I may have an idea of a Wordpress ecommerce plugin you could use to do this and you would be able to achieve the bar graph based on quantity remaining (the bar graph bit wouldn’t be out of the box - but you’d have access to the quantity of that product through the plugin API such that you could use it to style the background color of a bar graph to represent the amount remaining).

If this is still something you are still interested in doing, let me know?

you should search the internet for an hosted ecommerce platform.

It’s really easy to set up a store.

Hi technowonder and aRo,

Actually the client ditched the idea of having an ecommerce element altogether.

However, we were looking at doing the second of your two options. What was the WordPress plug-in you had in mind?