Recognition of Kw's

I have a new website ( mobile phone related ) and while analzing it i found that it has no KW’s in its HTML format.
So now my ques is how can i know that what KW;s are suitable for it,how can i analyze it?
Please advice…

I’m assuming KW is a keyword. What do you mean it has no keywords in its HTML format? Is the entire website done in Flash or an image? Generally there would be some text which would mean that there are keywords present in the website.

The best way to know which keywords are suitable for your website is to look at the content of the website. If you’re website talks about the iPhone then a good keyword would be iPhone. (:

However, if the intention of your question was to ask how to find keywords that are relevant to your audience then you could use a tool such as the Google Keyword Tool:

The best approach here is to write good content and let Google send visitors based on the content of your website rather than trying to control those keywords.

Keywords are simply text, if you are saying the site has no keywords then I guess it has no text, and therefore isn’t a website, just a graphics orgy or flash blurb :stuck_out_tongue: