Reciprocal Links

I know that reciprocal links are pretty famous, but how can someone be so sure that the other site is going to keep their part of the deal and keep your link on their website.

It seems to be to much trouble to spend so much time on something that keeps you hoping things work… how stressful. Life is too busy check all the sites that you’ve linked to.

What do you think about this?

Well, in my opinion reciprocal links are not that important. You will be wasting more time than necessary on them and in the end will not get any traffic. You time could be better spent elsewhere, like in forums and free directories.

You have hit the nail on the head, which is why many are wary of this type of link.

One way backlinks are by far the best option, and make sure you use your keywords within some anchortext html, to give the search engines further info about the subject matter of your website.

To be worth setting up a reciprocal link the other site has to be worth linking to for the value it adds for your visitors and so there is no reason to check if the other party is linking to you since you and your visitors are getting the value out of the outgoing link and the added benefit of the incoming link is just a bonus.

reciprocal links are just to let your site be in their directory. Then you could just delete them!!

Reciprocal link may be a factor to increase the visitor to your site. But don’t use the reciprocal link as the strategy to improve ranking. The link back can build your own sites trust and authority in Google.

Well recipricol links with blogs that are related to your market can be worth persuing and then you can just keep a short list of all the good link exhanges you have done ie. the link your really want to keep. Then periodically you can just check to see they are still active.

Recipricol links with directories are ok - but you can normally delet them after a month or so and they tend to not notice because they have way to many to keep track of. So go for quality recipricol links rather than quantity and then they will be much easier to track.

So if we make oneway links is that going to value more?

Well it doesnt have to be one or the other - focus on one way links 80% of the time and then look for some good solid relevant recipricol links aswell.

You answered your own question. You do not know if people will leave link on site. They do have checkers to see if your links are still on sites but your better off only doing reciprocal links with only a few sites if any at all. They must have good page rank or it is not worth doing it.

There are some scripts around that checks for a recipricol link at regular intervals. If it doesn’t find one it automatically removes there link.