Do you think this recession is causing people to want to use their own talents to make a living and become entrepreneurs?

Different circumstances would open up new opportunity for some, problem for others.
I personally dont think recession is a good thing. Causes more problems then good.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is the silver lining around the dark clouds. We always have to try to see some light, even if it’s not there.

Well you do have a point, with the recent recession there has been an increase in the number of self-employed people. Are they making as much as they were before? Not likely.

I think that recession give the opportunity only to the people that always want to do it and they didn’t have the chance, its harder and less safer… and most of the people don’t want to get there.

[FONT=Verdana]It depends on your circumstances. I know a few people who have lost their jobs that have had to get creative and have turned it into a great opportunity … but I know plenty of others who have not been able to do that, and have just gone to job interview after job interview after job interview, occasionally landing a temping job for a few weeks but nothing more than that.

And then at the other end of the scale, you have people who have been lucky enough to hang on to permanent jobs. For the last couple of years, and probably for the next couple, I’ve made sure I’ve done nothing to rock the boat, nothing that involves any risk, nothing that says “opportunity” at all, because while I’m in a job, I’m going to hang onto it like grim death … it just isn’t worth taking any chances.[/FONT]

people like warren buffet wait for recession so they can buy something cheap and later sell for big profit.
thats from his own saying somewhat modified:)

What recession? The last recession here was, if I remember correctly, back in the late 1990s.

no i’dont think so. Its all about luck or how one uses his talents while others suffer.

Recession is not a good thing, but it can make people think outside the box. I was reading a story in the paper about some guy who lost his job and had the idea to start his own little company delivering fruit and vegetables to peoples homes. This is good for people who are very busy and see it as a great convenience and the older generation that find it difficult to get out and about. He is doing really well.

Do you mean the recession in general? If so then it really depends on the field, I’ve been working on some projects related to Process Engineering - and that field is blooming because the recession has made the big companies take a long good look on how to get “more out of their current processes”, investing in optimization software (which is where I come in) combined with the fact that everyone is talking about Oil resources running out, which calls for even more reason to make sure you get the most product out of your reactions.

So for some people/fields the recession has been a neccessary evil :slight_smile:

I agree with this. For many businesses this recession is a wakeup call to get their priorities in line. One of these priorities is to keep customers coming back as well as attracting new customers. As web construction workers, this is where we come in. We can help them with their image and refine their image. I guess it all comes down to making lemonade with the economic lemons.

Recession, like any challenges, can bring out the best for a lot of people. Either you sink or swim.
Live with it. It seems that it will stay for a while.

Patience and persistence. I think there is a lot of opportunities after recession is over. Just need to keep your eyes open.

Recession = opportunity? Absolutely not; thus the two different words.

I think it greatly increases peoples’ incentives to perceive opportunity. If those perceptive abilities were applied in healthier economic times…
The kicker is that in healthier economic times…we do not need to perceive/create opportunities nearly so badly, so we don’t.

It’s nowhere near as complicated as redefining words or anything.
Occam’s razor; applies everywhere!