Recently launch my site using wordpress but deleted old Google site map

I had a 12 year old site buillt using Frontpage2002 and it had a “google-site-verification” code in Google webmaster tools. After relaunching the site using WordPress, I inadvertently went into my Google webmaster tools and deleted the old site (even though my domain URL is still the same). I went into Google to try and restore the site but evidently I “permanently” deleted that old site. The old site had under 100 pages…this new wordpress replacement now has thousands of page / post pages. Any advice, thoughts, feedback and / or constructive criticism as to what I ought to do would be greatly appreciated. Here is [B]new rebuilt version[/B]

Well if you had verified site then a complete sitemap would still be on your server. If not usually hosting companies have a backup of around 30 days (if you already deleted the old site). I think you could try to check the old and new URLs and may be add a permanent redirect to the new URL. That should hopefully solve your issue. Google site verification is just a file that is placed on your server or script to confirm you are the actual owner of the URL. Hence, my guess is that it would still remain the same even on the new site if you reverify the site. The content of your sit has changed so the sitemap would change to the new one. You could rebuild the sitemap for google and it would slowly index the new URLs. As I mentioned earlier, if you want that old URLs do not display a 404 page not found error, you would need to permanently redirect the urls to the new URL on your site or to a page / category as per the new site

thanks for your insights Jagaare. Prior to relaunching the new site, all of the redirects were made so no 404’s appear in the future. That “discourage search engines” was ticked before making the site go “live” on the new server. I think my panicking is now over since what I have done, is simply logged into Google Webmaster Tools and added the site back - it was accidentally deleted yesterday and it is still well within the 30 day time limit so think it’s back to being properly indexed.