Rebuilt site on new host, what to do with Google Analytics?

I just rebuilt a site for a client, and the new site is on a new host. It’s due to go live tomorrow or the next day.

All the 301 redirects are done properly and ready to roll.

Can I just paste their current Google Analytics code into the new site and call it a wrap? Does Google just find the changes on its own? Or do I need to do something else? I know GA can be picky sometimes and I’m stillnew to GA.

All advice greatly appreciated.

P.S. The content and site structure is about 80% the same as the old site.

AFAIK, you can just paste the old GA code into the new site and “Call it a wrap.” The Google Analytics server doesn’t have to “find” the code for it to work - the code finds the server.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

kenquad said it all.
old code is suffice for this.

Yay, thank you!! You’d think my hours of Googling would have turned up this fact. Glad you guys could help.